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October 01, 2011

You're streaming WHAT?!

Today I was informed of something insane. I'm not talking casual use of the word ..I mean certifiably insane. I am going to give you some time to ponder all the possibilities that may make someone certifiably insane! When you have a few ideas, continue reading to see how close your guess was.


A woman is live streaming her natural home birth all over the internet. Ahhh.. what?! I mean we all know how I feel about publicly showing things that should be private. I am sure, much like breastfeeding, that any kind of birth (natural or otherwise) is a fabulous& wonderful thing. I mean for one, the baby in your belly leaves which seems like sort of a big deal to me. Secondly, weird cravings& hormones start to ease off. That is about my knowledge of post-birthing things that occur, although I'm sure there's lots more. All that being said you think there is ANY reason to show all your goods& intimate moments with that entire world?

I mean, seriously. This is open for discussion. On her website she says she's doing this to show that those images we have of birth (screaming, pain, etc) are wrong. Delivery isn't an emergency& it doesn't have to be painful. Sure, okay. I don't know that pushing 7lbs+ out of your special place can be anything except painful ..but I'll take your word for it. Wait. One better ..I'll sign up for your live streaming. Which I did. Why? I don't know. I probably need a hobby. Or for people to stop telling me about the strange things others do.

I'm actually dying of curiosity to see if her birth is pleasant. I'm sure most moms would say the birth of their babies was amazing but I'm not sure it's something they enjoyed the feeling of know? I'm not a mom, so if any of you can tell me if I'm right or wrong, that would be great! Also what do you think of this? Oh, also I have an honest to god, serious question. A raging new trend is to have your kid in a pool (or tub or anything that holds a lot of water really). How does this not drown the baby?! Do they not breath at first or something? I must be missing an important part of understanding this because ..if the baby breathes water, that's not good. Can someone please fill me in (but spare the graphic details)?!

In my mind this is well beyond that line of what is acceptable to post on the internet. Not all experiences need to be shared with absolutely everyone.

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