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October 02, 2011

I don't get art.

Should be a crime to have anything other than sun on Sunday. Apparently, it isn't& so on that note my island is rainy& miserable. Word on the street is it's hot& sunny in Vegas though.

At 10PM last night, the boyfriend& I headed downtown to see Lumiere. It was ..interesting, I suppose is a good word. I really, really wanted to love it. And in truth, I did love some of them. There was a black light painting that was very cool.

I want to try!

There were lots of different exhibits& it was all placed randomly in shop windows& alleyways. The restaurants were open until the exhibits closed (12:57AM ..odd time, I know) and there were lots of people out& about to take in the scene despite the drizzly weather. It was actually incredibly mild, which is a rare pleasure for Oct. 1st.

Along with the black light painting, someone had created little animals out of strips of wood (or something I said, I don't get art) and given them glowing eyes. They were so neat! There was a racoon, a fox& 3 crows randomly on a corner street. Hilarious story to this: when we were parking to walk the streets, I said to Garret 'Look, there's a homeless woman. With a crow?'. Turns out she wasn't homeless but I was right about the crow!

A fox.
Cool, hey?

I'm saving the best exhibit for last. I think my boyfriend managed to get a video of it camera doesn't take videos& I didn't think to take out the cellphone. For now, though, I have a task to ask of my readers. Do you think you can all do me a huge favor& help me figure out what the sweet lord the following exhibits meant? I am at 100% loss. I'll number the photos so you can let me know in the comments what exactly you think they mean/ represent/ ect.

   <-1  |  2->

    <-3   |   4->

<-5   |   6->

 Okay so after all that stuff that is completely incomprehensible to my mind, I will provide a photo of the, hands down, best exhibit ever. I don't know the actual name of it but this is what best describes it- a woman shadow dancing to songs the audience requested in a store window made to look like a jukebox! Honestly, this was so cool.

So much fun. I am actually thinking they need to do this event again because even though I didn't understand 90% of the exhibits, it was all worth it for this one thing. So much fun. Not to mention she danced to Electric Avenue ..which I love. So while not exactly what I expected, it was an interesting experience that reminded me a lot of artists smoke a lot of weed. I am pretty sure that means their world will always be a little strange to me.

 I am super excited to see your responses to the 'Guess the art meaning'.. even if they are total shots in the dark. By the time we left the exhibit, we were pretty sure that we had 0 concept of 'art' ourselves, so don't feel bad!

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