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October 12, 2011


I am le tired. Which always reminds me of that funny animation ..about the end of the world. You know? 'But I am le tired!' 'Well have a nap ..THEN FIRE ZEE MISSILES!!!!!'

Oh, you don't know?! Well here is the link. You'll laugh I promise! Don't watch it at work unless you have headphones or want to be fired ..I think they curse and it's probably inappropriate to watch animations from 2003 at your job.

Today I went to the beach with a friend& her awesome dog. Her name (the dog) is Finn& she is a Belgian Tervuren. I love her. I will include a photo. She jumped, ran and generally enjoyed being a psycho puppy while we chatted horse things. It was a good day to play catch up! I also went to the barns in the morning and the boyfriend came over in the evening to fix my cousin's bicycle. I had a busy but enjoyable day. I would have to say it was definitely one of the best days in quite some time! Autumn makes me a happy girl!Now I am tired. I actually can't wait to hit 'Publish' for this post& curl up to sleep! Oh well, editing photos with my brand-spankin-new watermark is fun. I think it will be apparent but I made the watermark myself in photoshop. Just call me amazing and/or brilliant ;)

Beautiful Finn. I love her. She's completely awesome in all her puppy glory! Oh& can I just say thanks to everyone for all the love on my photos from yesterday. It makes me very happy on the inside to hear all the nice words about the orange-o-lanterns (stolen from someone in the comments cute) because I personally adore that shot! When I get brilliant feedback, it definitely encourages me to keep trying! That being said the theme was Bad Habit. Seeing as I'm basically perfect (or so I pretend from time to time) this was tough ;) I had so many options. In the end, I'm using a photo of candy. I will admit that one of my favorite things in the world is pigging out on treats from time to time. I think it's good for the soul to enjoy something bad for you but delicious! There were so many options for this ..I ended up going with a not particularly awesome photo because I ended up being busy between barns, beach& tea all day! Although you have to admit, my watermark is pretty neat. I think I love it. I know I'll eventually change it but for now I am impressed with myself. WAY better than when I was typing out halfpastwonderful every. single. time.

I'd love to go into some more details about today but as it turns out it's 11:41PM and I am completely exhausted. I actually feel like I've spent the day being entirely far too busy. I hope everyone else participating in the 30 day challenge is having lots of good luck& getting some creative shots! Don't forget to leave a link to your photos from this challenge in my comments ..I'll definitely go check it out for some future motivation! It's hard to believe I've made it all the way to day 8. I'm unreasonably proud of myself ;)
Hope your Wednesday wasn't too tough on you! Only 2 days until the weekend!
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