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October 13, 2011

Somebody You Love

Obviously, the theme for the day is the title of this blog post. Why? I have no idea. Probably because I'm 100% uncreative when it comes to making an appropriate blog title! Oh well.

The day came& went. I had planned on grabbing a quick shot of the boyfriend while he was here to eat supper but that failed. I went to the barns& to grab a quick tea while still managing to capture no one that I loved. I love my mom. No, seriously. She's great. So I snapped a photo of her about 20 minutes ago but it cannot be saved. I took it wayy underexposed, the focus is off slightly& it is filled with noise. Awesome. I had planned on throwing my dog in the light box but momma informed that Squirt isn't a 'somebody'. Is she right? I don't know! Since the photo of her didn't work out to well, I figured I was using the dog anyway. He doesn't mind posing. Except that the entire time he gives me a death stare& tries to walk away. Sucks to be 5lbs ;) His reward is sleeping in my bed. How does something so small occupy 60% of my bed? It's insane.

Since there was no other living creature in the house besides my momma& my dog, I am stuck giving you guys another photo of him! I have some shoots of actual humans coming up next weekend so there's always that to look forward to if you're starting to get sick of my dog. Then again could anyone ever get sick of him?! Plus today is day 9 of this challenge& I haven't included a photo of him since day 1! I would say I'm doing pretty darn good for not overloading you all with photos of the pup. Especially if you had any idea how many puppy photos I had sitting on my computer.

Autumn colors are slowly but surely arriving in Cape Breton! I cannot wait to get out& try to grab a few decent landscape shots. I hate landscapes. I love this islands fall colors. It's such a dilemma. I'm 100% still on my hunt to master landscapes ..I'm just failing miserably! At some point over the weekend, I'm dragging the boyfriend out to some location to try& snap a few shots. I wish tripods were easier to transport. Like telepathically. Hike to a gorgeous spot then think 'Tripod, arrive.' and POOF- it arrives without me having to drag it around. I actually sort of feel like that with the camera until I get a decent camera bag. The one I have now has no strap so I have to carry it in my hand. Awkwarddddd. I also need an ND filter. I should get on that soon. It would be fabulous. Why is it the more I learn& want to accomplish in photography, the more it's going to become expensive?! 

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