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October 15, 2011

Dazed& confused

Okay. Not really but sort of. I woke up this morning in a fog& just can't seem to shake it! I went for a walk with the boyfriend in an attempt to try& feel better but it didn't work. It is gorgeous out but here I am ..sitting on my couch watching gymnastics, editing photos& blogging. I'm not sure what is up with me but I wish I was outside instead! Even my pup is outside.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Friday. I somehow forgot to put up a post. You know what that means? I'm behind a day on my 30 day challenge! Thankfully, I have both days ready to post. I am such a good photo challenge taker ;) The first one was ridiculously hard for me. Childhood memory. I mean sure ..I have lots of childhood memories but I don't know how to photograph them. Probably because I am not artistic at all. Or creative. So instead I tried to tell myself that it would be okay to use leaves because all my favorite memories happen in autumn. That works, right? So, without further ado, here is the lamest 'abstract' childhood memory ever. I do, however, like the actual photo. I just don't like trying to fit it into this theme. Oh well!

So the next challenge was the Something Blue. Now we're talking! Blue is my most favorite color ever. I love absolutely every shade. My only dilemma with this theme? Picking just one blue thing. So I scoured the house; for about 2 seconds. Then I found the perfect thing for this one! A Tiffany& Co. box. I know, I know. Lots of people photograph these so it's probably overdone but whatever. I love Tiffany& Co. so there was no changing my mind about this photo. I don't absolutely love it. I wasn't really feeling like snapping a photo today ..again, I think it's this weird fog I'm in. I had a fabulous sleep& still feel like I am exhausted& in need of more sleep. So strange. Anyway, here is the photo for today-

Okay, so now I've made it to day 11. Tomorrow the theme is 'sunset'. I will somehow manage to make that happen. I'm spending this evening at the barn so perhaps I'll snag a gorgeous photo of the sun setting while we're there! If not ..I guess I'll just have to get 'abstract' again ;) I hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend! I'm off to go for a small walk with the puppy& try, once again, to shake this brain fog I seem to be suffering from! I refuse to give in to more sleep. No way my body requires that much to function.

Actually, before I go I guess I should include my photo for the Shades of Autumn challenge. I'm a little late on this but I took a photo so I should show it. The prompt was 'yellow'! Hey, look, Mellow Yellow wanted a yellow photo too so here you go, folks :)

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