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October 16, 2011


Wow. Another gorgeous autumn day. I am in my glory! I spent this evening riding ponies was fun. Last night I saw Real Steel& it was better than I expected. I also have some kind of weird paining skin thing happening on my right side. So.. that's fun. On my agenda for the rest of the evening? Watching Criminal Minds& typing up/formatting/ referencing a paper for someone else. I'm such a sweetheart!

Oh, also? I'm still fully immersed in the 30 day challenge. I can't believe that I'm still going strong with this thing. I have a photo of a taken for you all. I know, miracles do happen! Theme? Sunset. Tomorrow, however, I have to take a photo of myself with 13 things. Sure ..because that's reasonable. You know it will include my dog at the very least& will probably be completely uncreative. Oh well ..if you read this blog regularly, you shouldn't be expecting too much more than that by now ;)

Oh, before I leave you all to enjoy your Sunday evening/ Monday morning (depending on when you stumble onto this post), I just have to ask you all a question. Have any of you fallen victim to the brainsuck that is Bubble Witch Saga on Facebook? If the answer to that is 'yes', add me as a friend so we an send requests for extra lives to each other. Especially if you're as addicted as me. Seriously.

If the answer to that question was 'no'? I have to ask you to go search it right. now. It is so good. I am so hooked. Waiting 30 minutes for my lives to replenish one by one is like a slow, painful death. I am determined to win the whole game. My mother, however, is way better at these kinds of games than me and is kicking my butt so far. Oh well, at least she sends me lives. Seriously, go play the game! You'll probably be cursing me as your productivity levels fall to 0 but, hey, whatever. It's awesome.

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