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October 11, 2011

Day 3- 7

Yup. I'm still here& still going strong. I've made it to day 7, today! I even have that photo ready for you guys. At the end of this post I'll be 100% caught up with my 30 day photo challenge& have a mere 23 days left! Which is still daunting. So let's start, shall we?

First up, I have a photo theme of Clouds. Great. I spent about 20 minutes trying to get a snapshot of clouds that didn't suck completely. It was a daunting task& I'm still not certain that I love this result. I had my fish eye lens on ..does it work for this photo? I'm not really sure. Please remember I'm still pretending to be a photographer. I expect I may never move beyond this part of the learning curve's tough. Here are my clouds-

Yeah ..still undecided if I like it or not. I think I do. Oh well, moving on. My next challenge was Something Green. Okay. Sure. Once again, I'm lost. Lots of stuff is green but I either don't really want to take photos of it or I don't have the opportunity to. Thank goodness for little sweet Fiona. She was wearing green! Thanks, cutie pie! She doesn't know it but she saved my photo challenge for this particular day! Yes, I made Hello, Kitty have a green face. Hahaha.. I was bored in photoshop and the theme was green!

After that day, I was feeling really proud of myself. I had managed to survive 4 whole days without failure. I think this is a new record. I'm feeling motivated. Certain the rest of the challenge will be a breeze. And then I kept reading. Up Angle. Okay, I have a confession. I'm never sure if up angle means I am shooting with the lens downward or upward. I know what you're thinking- how can that confuse me right? Well, here's my issue. If I'm up above the thing I'm shooting, that could be an up angle in one sense. It, however, is a down angle for the thing being shot.

MY BRAIN HURTS FROM THINKING. So I went with my first instinct. I took the photo up above the thing I was shooting. If it's wrong, that's okay because the next theme was down angle. So either way, I managed to get both angles ..they just might be in reverse ;) Here is my shot for up angle after a lot of talking-

So creative. So vintage. So very much probably not even close to the best shot of an up angle taken by people doing this challenge. Moving forward, the next theme was Down Angle. Ugh. I hate when I have to take photos from specific angles. Why? I have no idea. Probably because of the confusion it creates in my brain. Off I went to try to find something worthy of shooting. I thought about a photo of a horse from a down angle. I forgot my camera for the trip to the barn yesterday so that shot was out. Then I thought of a bunch of other things that I was too lazy to do. Mostly, they involved putting on socially appropriate clothing& leaving my house. No thanks. Instead I took the following shot. Prepare to be underwhelmed. I am& I took it.

I've had this hanging from my ceiling for forever now ..I like it! It sort of looks like a hot air balloon if you're looking at it from the right angle. It's probably not supposed to be that at all but hey, it's in my room. I'll pretend it is whatever I want it to be ;D So that was day 6. Today is day 7. I have my photo for today. I LOVE my photo for today. Where did this creative idea come from? I'll tell you. The theme for today is Fruit. Hmm ..okay. Are pumpkins fruit? I had no idea but a quick google search, it is! Thanks, Wikipedia. So then my next problem was that I didn't have a pumpkin in my house. Darn it. So I opened the fridge& found oranges. No google search needed to tell me those are fruit! Bonus? They are orange like pumpkins! Also, I can carve it. Hello, jackpot brainstorm. So I dig for the Halloween carving kit& get started. It was fun. End result below. Consider it my best photo for this challenge most likely!

Yup. So now you're all caught up& I'm all caught up. Let me know what you think& especially let me know if you're doing this challenge as well! I could definitely use the moral support to get through my next 23 days ;)

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