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October 10, 2011


Had a crazy busy, but awesome, Thanksgiving weekend! Hope all you bloggin' folks out there did as well. I'll give a quick recap with some photos taken over the weekend. Let me start out by saying that I didn't give up on my 30 day photography challenge ..I have the photos they are just still on the camera and/or not edited. Sorry! I promise to catch up tomorrow, sound good? Sounds good to me!

So Friday I went to the boyfriend's house to hang out with some cutie pie little kids! We colored, took some photos& had ice cream. I would say it was a successful evening for sure. I managed to snap a few quick photos of the family for my boyfriend's mom. They came out okay ..wish I had of known before it was dark though so we could have taken them outside& had lots of fun with them! I had a photo of sweet little Fiona but that's being saved for a photo challenge, Until then, here is one of the family :)

Tada. I went from never taking photos of more than 1 person before last week to jumping to 11. No biggy. Except that It was so hard to get everyone looking! I think I might need a little more practice with this whole 'group' photo experience. Not to mention I still feel a little silly when people want me to take their photo because I'm scared that they will hate the results& think I'm insane for wanting to get into photography more. I'm hoping they will be at least moderately happy with the results. The kiddies are cute as pie so, really, what more can they ask for ;)

After that adventure, I did a barn weekend. It was fun. Sunday Lila (the one we just broke about 5/6 weeks ago) went out for a trail ride with someone who doesn't ride often& came back out of the woods with no rider! Oopsy. Time for boot camp, little Haflinger! Off she went to the round pen with me. Her nerves were completely shot! Every time my legs even came close to her sides, she bolted. So unexpected but the smoothest bolting ever. Can't wait to really get them going good! She finally got over her giant overreaction to leg pressure& went along fine. She's quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I love everything about her, especially her color. I'll try to snap some photos of her tomorrow. For now, enjoy a photo of Marley& I, taken in August!

Tada. She's great. It only took Crystal months& months to get these photos uploaded! If you're reading this missy you're lucky I'm easygoing! They are so cute. She was such a good girl this evening! Isn't her mane fabulous? Fun memories. This was also the evening I spent a solid 40 minute jumping& trying to hop up on her from the ground! The little mare was so tolerant of our antics that it was almost hard to believe. If I was her, I would have just walked away from me! Crystal got some great photos of me attempting to get up on the pony's back. Here is my most favorite:

Clearly, I got some height! This is awesome. You can almost see it on her face. That look of 'I'm not sure you two are entirely sane. I am, however, going to play along because I am a nice, well mannered little mare.' Thanks, Marley! You provided us with lots of laughs that evening.

Oh so much fun. Now the colors are out in full force in Cape Breton. I'm hoping perhaps to convince the boyfriend to go for a drive to a waterfall sometime soon so we can get some really great portrait shots. We did do a scenic drive& look around today but, of course, I didn't have my tripod. I am quickly learning tripods= essential to landscape photography. Now is the perfect time for me to get my 'one gorgeous landscape photo' mission accomplished! I want one gorgeous waterfall with autumn color photo. I am determined. I may even head out tomorrow with the pup. Frig it, eh?! It could be some kind of hilarious adventure. Where I get lost. And make the boyfriend come get me. Yup, sounds about right.

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