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October 06, 2011

Look at this

I have my day 2 photo! I'm already amazing myself. I only have 28 days left to say I've completed this challenge ;) I'm thinking the insanely crappy weather has something to do with why I've managed to get two days completed. Today, however, may be the last day for getting this accomplished!

Why? Tonight my parents get home from Vegas AND both of Garret's brothers& their wives& kiddies are coming home! Then tomorrow I'm spending all day at the barn ..soo I think it's a safe bet to say that blogging& meeting photo challenges may be closer to the bottom of the list for the next few days!  It's also supposed to snow tomorrow. No, seriously. Words can barely explain how sad that makes me. Especially considering my parents will be coming home from Vegas with slightly tanner skin (ahah. Kidding. My parents don't tan)& memories of heat. My trip to Cuba is slowly fading ..

Okay so. Day 2 was 'What I wore today'. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not a fashion blogger. I did one fashion post ..I also did a post about fashion websites. I think both of those posts are hilarious because I'm not very good at photoshop but I try anyway. Not to mention someone who loves Regretsy hated the fact I used skants from the website.. anyway, moving on. Since I am not a fashion blogger, I had no idea about a few things.
  • What to wear
  • How to take photos of it
  • How to look hip& cool while photographing myself
The plus side? I'm not hip, stylish or anything of the sort but I am genius ;D Meaning yes, I took a few shots of myself in my clothes. Did they turn out? Ahh.... not even close. They were hilariously bad. I'd post one if I didn't already delete them (sorry, wasn't thinking ahead to writing this)! I had a good laugh at my socially awkward self. Too bad you will just have to use your imagination. So after many (two) failed attempts, I decided I needed a new plan of action. I wasn't ready to fail this photo challenge. At least not yet. What did I do? I know you're dying to find out (is anyone even still reading this?) so let me fill you in!

I took off my clothes. That's right, folks. Then I laid them down on my floor like there was a person& they were lucky enough to be raptured. I know, you're still not quite getting it since you weren't lucky enough to see any clothes post-rapture. Then I added some shoes. I cheated a bit with the shoes. You'll notice they are flats. I am not wearing flats today. There's a hurricane outside! I just didn't want to walk back upstairs to grab my boots. I'm lazy.

I. am. awesome.
Just kidding. What are YOU wearing today?!

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