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October 05, 2011


I have a long history of failing at photography challenges. I've failed Project 365, 30 day Photo Fun, 100 Strangers, Friday Snaps& basically everything else I attempt to do. With that in mind, let me present to you my newest challenge. Click it Up A Notch posted it& asked if people wanted to try the challenge with her. I said no in the comments but then today it was raining& so I was bored.

I looked ahead at the 'themes' after day 1 with the immediate response to the second theme being that I will never do that. Hmm ..probably not the best initial reaction but whatever. Maybe I'll surprise myself (and all of you)& actually finish this! I mean, it's only 30 days. I already have 1 day done. Only 29 left. I can do it!

So there we have it. Thirty whole days of topics that I need to take photos of. Anyone else want to try this out? It should be interesting say the least. Are you good at sticking with things? If yes, leave me a comment with a tip on how you manage to complete things that take days& days of your life. If you can't complete 'challenges', feel free to let me know so I stop feeling so alone ;) Either way, take up the challenge& try!

So day 1 (today) is a self-portrait. In honor of this, I managed to do absolutely nothing with myself& look like a big dirtbag! It's pretty awesome. Seriously. I set up my tripod& sat on my bed with my dog (who is whining less today. Sanity? RESTORED!), in the hopes seeing his cute little face would be enough to satisfy you. Then I took a book called 'Horse and Rider' and used that cover up my face. I think it took about 25 shots to get one worth posting. I'm not the best at tripod shots yet ..but I'm trying. That's half the battle, right?

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Yes. It is black& white. Honestly, at this point, is that shocking anyone? I also did a few in color to see which I preferred ..clearly, no color won. It always wins. Doesn't my dog look thrilled? This is actually how we bond lots. He sits close to me& I basically ignore him except for the occasional scratch or belly rub. It's his favorite thing because my bed is comfy& he doesn't really like to be touched.

So what did I learn? That I have to stick with something photography related to get the full payoff. I'm hoping in 30 days I'll have a successful post about how I finally finished something relating to taking pictures!

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Courtney said...

Yay! I'm so glad you are going to take on another challenge and that you changed your mind and you are going to do it with us! Yay! If you want to link up to others who are doing it so we can encourage each other here's the link - That is the best way I'm able to stick with anything...constant encouragement. So I'll encourage and nag you :O) Love your creativity to cover up your face :O)