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October 04, 2011

"Dear Pup,

I love you. But I might have to kill you& for that I apologize in advance.
Your momma."
My dog is SERIOUSLY going to drive me mentally insane if he doesn't stop. I know he's old& needy but come on. He sits near me& whines, whines, whines. When I pick him up to sit in my lap? He jumps down to whine again. When I try to take him out to pee? He hides under the table. I don't know what to do with him. I've tried everything. He's gone for walks until he was so tired he was whining laying down. He has food. He has water. He has a comfy blanket. I just don't get it.

I thought he might be sore. I gave him his medicine. I thought he might be cranky he wasn't getting ice in his water (..I know, I know. Spoiled). I gave him ice. I gave him everything. He is still whining. The only time he stops is when I, very angrily, tell him to go to lay down in his bed. I don't want to be angry at him but oh. my. god. Is there some solution for this? I don't understand. Is he senile& not realizing how completely frustrating this is for me?! I want to cry from this incessant whining.

This probably means I'm not ready to birth& raise a child. If my dog is making me crack ..I can only imagine what something super needy would do to me. I'm sure I'd be running away, screaming& crying while leaving the child with the baby daddy. Ugh. I do still love him though ..especially when he curls up beside me in my bed& rests his little head in the crook of my arm. My heart melts. He also doesn't whine then so that is also a major perk.

Yes. This was mostly a major vent about how my dog is slowly driving me to the edge of insanity (no, not the workout). I'm trying everything I can think of but, sadly, I am not a dog whisperer so I keep falling flat. I just don't understand. Does anyone else have this problem with their animal? Or is this just failure on my part to be a good mom to a senior citizen dog? Or is this an aging dog thing? Do they get whinier / needier as they age? I'm so confused. I'm so frustrated. I feel guilty for wanting to sell him on Kijiji maybe I'll try the blog first. I present to you- the sale ad for my dog.

Anyone want a little 5.5lb, ancient dog? He sheds. He's cranky. He can't be left alone with kids. He has bundles of energy. He doesn't play well with others. He whines a lot. He walks funny& has a hole in his head. You can't clip his nails/ groom him if you like your fingers. Bathing a 5 ton elephant would create less mess than bathing him. He is spoiled rotten. He likes his water with ice in it. He likes to lay in the sunshine. For 10 minutes. Then come back in. For 5 minutes. Then go back to the sunshine. Repeat endlessly in the summer months. He's cute. He is well-trained but probably won't listen to you regardless. He won't die. So you'll probably be stuck with him for a long time.
 So, any takers? I'll include a photo so you can see, if nothing else, he certainly has good looks on his side. He's like George Clooney. He gets more handsome with age ;D

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