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September 28, 2011

Sorry, Oprah.

Oprah was on TV for a long time. Everyone knows her story. She was a poor kid with no shoes on (is this true? Or did my subconscious make it up?) and then she was a multi-millionaire TV host. She basically is the ideal of the American dream. I understand this& I understand that she did a lot of good with her money. Not for me, personally, but I get the concept ;) She also had a lot of siblings, which strikes me as odd because she never mentions them in the 3 or 4 episodes I've ever seen.

She bought channel 99 to turn it into her own network. Seriously, Oprah?! That was Discovery Health& I LOVED it. So I lost an entire network I loved, but did I gain anything? You betcha! I gained Anderson Cooper. He's fabulous. Seriously. I am hooked on his show. Is anyone else watching him? The 'Coops& I frequently walk the streets of NY ..just chillin' like the BFFs we are.

Obviously Just Jared was intrigued by the new girl hangin' with the 'Coop. I was explaining to Anderson how much we have in common and how that basically made him a pretty awesome guy ..since I'm pretty awesome& he's just like me! I made a lovely chart in photoshop to more easily point out just how much we are soul mates.

It's okay, guys. You might not have as much in common with Anderson but if you're nice to him, maybe he'll like you too? I mean, obviously you'll never be his favorite (I am firmly in that position) but you might be a distant second. If I get eaten by wolves or badgers or something, he will need a replacement, after all!

PS Cooper I hope you stumble on this sometime and leave a comment. Seriously. That would make my life complete. Oh, if you do find this ..please ignore my previous love of Dr. Phil as you have fully replaced him now.

PS need a midweek pick me up?
Draw a Stickman then watch him come to life! So fun.

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