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September 29, 2011

Seeing double

Last night we had photo shoot #2 for La Quaintrelle! Meg& Sam showed up as good sports along with Momma's Mini Cooper :) The Mini even got a bath for her big photo shoot debut! Albeit, I bathed her so you can be certain she was still pretty grubby. Oh well ..better than nothing, right?! This was my first time ever doing photos that had two whole people involved. Unless you count the ones of Garret& I. So onto the photos.

Love this shot of Meg. I am clearly addicted to black& white photos that are simple. What can I say ..I'm a simple girl! So we got some shots of just Meg& the dress until Sam arrived post-work. These two girls are completely different in style but when you throw their two different looks together in a photo& throw a similar style dress on them get photos that work really! Not to mention they are both completely stunning so I'd have to try really hard to mess up the photos anyway.

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and then, she {snapped}

Not to mention the Mini! How can you not love that practically spaceship of a car?! Most times I can't even figure out how to use it took me far too long to figure out how to open the trunk last night so we could even get these shots. Seriously ... then I had another mishap post-photos when I tried to put gas in the tank. I couldn't figure out how to get the gas cap off. I literally stood in the gas station helpless until some older man took pity on me.

Sam is hilarious& I love this shot for some reason! Also you'll notice that in all the photos of Sam we had to hide her feet. No, she doesn't have some weird kind of foot fungus. She wore her Nike Frees (a woman after my own heart, clearly) to the shoot! So funny. They didn't exactly match the dress so we improvised with the props& editing so that her shoes would remain unseen ;) Too cute. I guess I can include a few photos that aren't in black& white just to prove that I did leave some color in some shots!

Mini love! Open the sunroof& hang out above the car! Love everything about this, even the headlights ..which, even I wanted to, I couldn't turn off because they sense when it's time to turn on. Which is cool if you're forgetful about those sorts of things! After much fun hanging out in the sunroof, I made them stand in front of the car (don't worry, Mom! They were instructed not to sit on the car or touch it ..haha)

Okay ..I have lots more photos but I figure you guys have been more than flooded with photos from this shoot! Let me know what you think you have a deep, deep love for black& white photos as well? Do you prefer subdued or bright colors or, like for me, does it depend on what you're photographing? Sorry for the crazy long post!

*Linking up with Rub Some Dirt on It for Happiness Is.. in my case, it's having people willing to let me photograph them so I can improve :) Especially all the wonderful people in my life ..stunning inside& out!

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