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September 21, 2011

Look closely

What to do when the weather sucks every. single. day?

Oh, right. Make your senior citizen dog play model. I gathered up some old stuffed animals and made my bed. Then I gathered up my dog, who was pretty sure my idea was ridiculous. The downside for him is that he weighs 5lbs so he can't protest too much ;) I made him sit on the bed and then piled the animals around him was the only time in my life I've ever wished I collected these things. It would be so much fun with tons of teddy bears! I only had a few though so I made due with it. I think they turned out pretty cute anyway. I am definitely going to retake these photos some day& I'll find someone to lend me all kinds of bears/ animals.

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Admit it. You wished you owned my puppy! All things considered he was a pretty good sport about everything. No growling& he sat there long enough for me to get 2 snapshots. Then he was finished. Have I mentioned my dog is only 5lbs? I simply picked him up, made him sit& stay, re-stacked the bears he knocked over in his escape& lastly started snapping again! I think the following photo depicts exactly how excited my dog was to be back in the limelight of my blog. How pitiful does he look?!

Oh, silly old man. Your life isn't that tough, perk up! Don't think I made the poor thing do allllll this hard work without some compensation. He, of course, got a great big thank you in the form of kisses on his little nose, a scratch on his bum& is laying beside me on my bed with his new chew bone. I would say letting his mom take a few photos of him was definitely worth his while! Plus, I didn't have many other options since my light box is half at the boyfriends, along with my tripod! I really need to remember to bring those home this evening when I leave. Today would be a good day for a landscape picture. No, I didn't forget my mission to capture a good landscape photo, I just don't have my tripod so it's on the back burner until I have that back!

Have you ever done this with your animal and/or child? If I had a child, I would definitely be doing something similar with it. Especially before it could really move ..that great newborn stage where they have to stay wherever you put them ;) Now I'm wishing I had a baby to borrow! I'll leave you with one last photo of my pup& his friends!

Hope these photos made you smile! I know they sure helped brighten my rainy day ..who can't help but smile at an old, scraggly, small little lapdog?! If you have any similar photos, leave me a link in the comments ..I may have a new obsession!

Oh ps- I was featured at Run On! Head on over& check out my post or just check out the blog in general. Stefanie is hilarious of my favorites for sure! Her posts& photos crack me up all the time :)

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