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June 06, 2011


So I have this little dog and his name is Squirt. Squirt is a pretty good dog .. he gets himself into a lot of really funny situations. On Saturday, Meg and I were talking about taking our pups to a park if the sun ever decides to shine on us again.

While taking about going to the park, we remembered a funny story about my dog. It involves him, us and a wedding party. While at the park, there was also a wedding occurring. We did the usual look and say the bride was pretty and then promptly forgot about it. We let our dogs off leash and proceeded to lay in the grass and talk about life. The sun was awesome. Desperately craving some nice weather in my life right now.

So, all is going well until something catches our eye. The wedding party seems to be stirred up and -wait. Where is my dog?! Oh no ..suddenly it's all coming together. The wedding had food and people. My dog loves food and people. Suddenly we hear them saying 'What is THAT?!'.

Yup. You guessed it. It was my dog. So, poor embarrassed me has to walk over to an entire wedding that I wasn't invited to and didn't know anyone at and claim my dog. Up until this point, this story is pretty average. It gets interesting here.

So, the bride is holding my dog when I get there. The photographer is photographing her with him. When she notices me she says, direct quote (sort of):

Oh my gosh. Is this your dog? We thought that he was a muskrat when we first saw him coming out of the bushes. Can we just get a photo of us with him in the car taking us to the supper?

So, how do you say no to the bride on her big day? My only regret about the entire situation is that I didn't give them my e-mail for the shots of them and my dog. As the wedding party was pulling away they were all waving and laughing saying goodbye to my pup.

Too bad they didn't know he had a secret skill of delivering drinks to people. They could have taken him to their supper and had the cutest little waiter in all the land!!

So, do you have any animals? Do they get themselves into as much trouble or funny situations as my pup?! My dog is always making me laugh and even people who don't like dogs like him. Even my boyfriend loves my dog.

Honest to goodness
True love right here!

I just love this photo.
And I figured I had to prove they really do get along ;)


Jessi said...

Aw your dog is so cute! I like the scruffy look.

My dogs get into trouble constantly. I still love them though...most of the time.

stoppingfordaisies said...

Aw that's such a cute story! Your dog is adorable. My cat is always hiding so I don't have cute stories.