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June 07, 2011

Still raining..

Yup so it's a few hours later on the same crappy Tuesday. I went to the barns. I biked 15 of my 40k but then my shoulder was sore and it was rainy. I bought some new things for my bicycle (aka computer and SWEET NEW TIRES!) and basically I lived large.

I watched a lot of Jenna Marbles& My Drunk Kitchen. I think I love both of them. Then I watched some Duggars and didn't like them. Oh well, I never have. So now I'm sitting here waiting for my boyfriend to show up at my house and put my new parts on my bike! So excited. I'd promise photos but obviously my camera is still at Meghan's house because I'm lazy and too cheap to pay for gas into Sydney. So sue me.

I decided that to help pass the time while waiting for 2 things;
1. The boyfriend
2. The sun

that I would create the pair of Nike Frees that I want. I couldn't think of any better usage for my time. Productive stuff? NO WAY. So here they are:

Say what you will about them ..I consider them to be a thing of beauty. I currently own purple and gray ones and they need to be updated. May as well go for the '80s look I love right?! Okay, so long til my blog gets enough hits that Nike wants to send me things to write reviews for them?


Joyful Sparrow said...

Poo. My sunbeams are not being very obedient. :-( Maybe tomorrow...

Yvonne said...

My fingers, toes, eyes, legs, arms ..basically everything that can be crossed.. are all crossed!!

Lindsey said...

I am passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to you!

Oh and hopefully you will get some sun soon!

Meghan said...

They're so pretty! Like, like, like.

Shay said...

Bahah I love Jenna Marbles!! She is so funny. I actually sometimes go to the bar and the "THE FACE" and see what happens! Every time its a different reaction I swear haha.

Love the blog!