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May 31, 2011

Some shots!

Today I spent the day at the barns .. it was GORGEOUS out. I took some shots of Dewey .. bathed him halfheartedly (full bath coming either tomorrow or the next day) and then I convinced my boyfriend to come over and get some sweet shots. Thanks, boyfriend. You rock :D So, I promised a big update but I'm fairly certain no one is interested in my specifics ..since this really isn't a horse blog. Needless to say, Dewey got an attitude adjustment and behaved like a perfect gentleman for the riding session. I am leaning wayy forward because sitting deep hurts when my shoulders are in pain ..they were definitely in pain after our earlier fight.

Looking so handsome. 
This is before his bath still a tad dirty aha

Myself and my favorite horse. 
Post-attitude adjustment, obviously!

Hands down. My favorite shot. 
ADORE THIS. So much.

Also love this one.
You can see the motion in it ..or something?
Last one. A pretty decent shot of his stride.
Okay more horses to look at here!

So, how many photos did it take to get about 12 decent shots in total? Almost 150. Go awful riding skills. Anyone can be a pro photographer if they take hundreds of photos to end up with 12 - 25 ;)

So, again this was a pretty crappy update. At least I included several awesome photos though, right?!


Joyful Sparrow said...

You look awesome up on a horse! I miss riding..

Yvonne said...

I go crazy when I don't get out for a few months. I could never give it up permanently. Love everything about them :)

You should get back into it!

stoppingfordaisies said...

Aw, what great shots! So pretty!

Yvonne said...