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May 05, 2011


So, this post is about getting jacked and everything that comes with it! I was training to run a half marathon& also test my skills at a triathlon and then I had to stop. First, I ripped a ligament in my foot and that took forever to heal. Shortly after being able to move my foot again, I tore my rotator cuff. That sucked and hurt WAY more than my foot ..and my foot hurt a lot :(

So, now I'm all healed up (thanks, chiropractor! You rock) and am back on the exercise train. I am restarting Insanity this evening and I took advantage of the nice-ish weather this afternoon and went for a 25km bike ride. I LOVE my bike. Seriously .. it is easily my favorite form of exercise. It doesn't even feel like I'm exercising.

I can't wait to get back to my former jacked self. I am going to lay off the crappy eating& start back up on yogurt& fruits. I genuinely feel so much better about myself when I am exercising& eating well. Some motivation to get back in shape? Me, semi-jacked after P90X. Hello, abdominals! I've missed you in my life. Time to see you again. I really wish I'd taken more photos along the way ..oh well!

So, now that the weather is getting nicer& there's bikinis / swim trunks in your future ... what are YOU doing to get in shape? Any favorite activities or healthy foods to eat? Feel free to post recipes in the comments .. I'm always up for new healthy meals :) Enjoy your Thursday!

PS my day 89& 90 of Project 365!
An ear& forelock from Dewey <3

Keeping it real with 2 different colored eyes! Penny hates me :(

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Aw 365... brings back memories of my own 2 failed attempts. Keep it up! :)

And way to go with p90x, I hear that's rough!