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February 06, 2011

I wish it were Sunday..

...Oh no, wait. It IS Sunday. Today was long .. I am tired. I am also genuinely enjoying the fact that my evenings end with me curled up in bed with my puppy, drinking tea while writing out my blog. It makes for a complete day!

Last night, we got a lot of snow. Which then turned to hail at 8AM and then rain and then back to snow .. all before 3PM. My drive to work was gross because I was out before the plows .. Mom and dad had to delay their travel plans to take Matthew back until 12PM (but they have since arrived in Fredricton and are snuggled safely into their hotel) and the store was slow due to the generally miserable morning we had. I am assuming some extra slowness was due to the fact that it is the day of the Superbowl. I am pretty sure the game is over now, though I have no idea who won.

After work, Alister and I did lunch at the Bras d'Or View. It was nice and quiet and the woman who served us recognized me as my mother's daughter. Weird, because that never happens. I had a delicious and delightfully bad for me cheeseburger. It was like actual heaven. I haven't had one in sooo long .. so satisfying! Afterward, we came back to the house and I baked cookies like the domestic little girl I am while Alister did a post-meal nap!

After all that, Blaine showed up for a little while .. then left. Then Garret showed up and something fabulous came from that visit. HE IS GOING TO MAKE ME A LIGHT BOX. I am so excited. If you don't know what it is, it is just something simple for taking photos so that subject is completely in a solid color background. C'est magnifique! I can't wait for it to be finished so I can have yet another photography possibility to waste all my time on :)

Tomorrow, in case you had forgotten, is an exciting day. Tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, is my first ever adventure to the world known as hot yoga. Words can barely express my excitement at the prospect of stretching in heat .. for an hour .. hopefully not passing out. I should really have stretched more these last few months. Tomorrow promises to bring lots of information about my first attempt, including whether or not there will be a second!

Also, today is day 3 of Project 365 .. I have, once again, managed a unique subject for this thing. I think 3 subjects in 3 days is way more impressive than I had originally thought I would be doing at this point. In my mind, my first 3 shots looked something like this:
1. Squirt
2. Squirt, only slightly different
3. Myself and my dog?

In reality, my first 3 shots have been something I couldn't have predicted because I would have never known what I was going to end up shooting ahead of time. The first two, in case you've forgotten already, were a flower closeup and Smarties in a pink glass! Now, my next shot is a cute little turtle I got from Garret for Christmas. I love this thing so much .. I need a place to keep him where lots of people will see him! His little head bounces around and shakes, making me want to put him in my car. Maybe I will bite the bullet and go ahead and do that tomorrow. Until then, here is my day 3 shot:

And, a 7ft icicle for Tiff .. thrown in as a little bonus. Taken by Garret and looking not entirely 7ft tall, but it was taken from the ground AND they measured it. They are men, what else do we expect.

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Anonymous said...

packers won.

love your friend mary