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August 13, 2011


Yes, lovely blog readers. Today the trend of nice weather is continuing. Life is FABULOUS on this little island. This blog post is going to be short& sweet because I spent the majority of today at the beach& my neighbor's pool. And I still have to get ready for a wedding reception this evening! I am hoping that there will be a few sweet photos of my boyfriend& I ..we are seriously lacking. I am also thinking that tomorrow I'm getting a shot of him, Squirt& I. I have 0 of my small little blended family. And mom is cooking lasagna so I know Garret will be here!

In honor of the wedding..
lovely new fingernails! Cool, eh?

I took lots of photos of my dog at the beach but I will spare you of those. You've been bombarded with pictures of him lately ..but I can't help it. I love him and he's like my best walking companion. Although on a sadder note, walking seems like it's getting hard for him& he isn't so keen to do it anymore. Poor pups.

So to get away from the sadness that is aging puppies, I'll move onto the sheer joy that is children in pools! I took some cute photos of this. Only 1 of the sisters was there though and I was in a rush because I had to get ready for the wedding! I'm hoping I'll get some more chances over the next few days to capture some really great shots of the two of them. They are both sweet as pie and adore my dog. So you know right off the bat that they have fabulous tastes ;)

Going down the slide.
Can't wait until I can try tomorrow

So that's my update for today. Tomorrow I'm helping Crystal move Dixie, shooting some photos with Paul and then riding Reena (Garret is going to take photos.. or so he says now) so it will be busy! Only to get busier as the days go on because starting Monday?! One of my most favorite things ever.

The exhibition. It's so much fun. I will have lots of snapshots from that throughout the week :)


Anonymous said...

Photos of Squirt should never be denied! That pool looks fantastic.. it's about 102 degrees here, ugh. Jealous of your eventful day and great weather. lol

Faith McKay said...

My husband and I have been together for close to seven years, and I think we have one photo of us together. We need to work on this, obviously.

Awesome fingernails!

Yvonne said...

Dani- my deepest apologies! I will include some for you sometime over the week ;D

Faith- okay, you guys are worse than us ahaha and thanks ..I love fingernail designs that are subtle!