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August 12, 2011

Friday Snaps[3]

So my mom is a smart Friday Snapper. She doesn't wait until Friday. I, of course, wait until Friday. I am not a smart Friday Snapper. Thank goodness for my mom. I was wondering around the neighborhood with the dog, trying to come up with something different for my photo for today. Mom came outside& said 'Take a photo of your mother for today's Friday Snap.' So I jumped at the chance to take yet another portrait shot. I really need to work on getting out of my shyness ..especially since I have 100 Strangers shot to do by Tuesday!

So aside from my snap (which I'll include at the bottom of this post), I'm spending my weekend working at the liquor store until 8 then going to the boyfriend's house for the evening. Tomorrow we have a wedding to attend& then Sunday I'm riding Reena. The boyfriend has promised to come out& take some photos for me! So my recaps should be filled with gorgeous photos& long. I cannot imagine a funner weekend (aside from work ..but money. Gotta have it)! What is your weekend consisting of? I hope it's looking as good as mine.

OH AND ...IT'S SUNNY AND WARM HERE. Not hot but warm. And the skies are blue and there isn't a raincloud in sight. Honestly life on the island is more fabulous than it has been for a couple of weeks. You can just tell the gorgeous weather has everyone perked up and happy. The kiddies next door are swimming in the pool .. Squirty is laying out in the grass is good :)

My momma!
She is pretty fabulous.

So, what do you think? Are my photos getting any better as the time goes on? I love that I finally discovered how to edit them to make them look more 'finished'.


J Hodd said...

Excellent Friday snap :) Looking lovely Aunty A!

Jessica Monte said...

I like the photo of your mom. The light at midday is harsh but the effect can work if that is the look you are going after. If you want a more even light, you can ask your subject to step into the shade (if the tree is full of leaves; if not, be careful of dappled lighting in fall when the leaves start to come down). Great work! What editing software are you using?

Yvonne said...

Jessica- yeah, I wouldn't normally snap a photo at that time but I'm still learning and Mom offered so I figured I could maybe make it work! Thanks for the tip about moving under a tree ..had never though of that (clearly, lots to learn still)!

I use Photoshop Elements ..just discovered actions for it last week or so. They make a huge difference :)