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February 07, 2011

Monday ..

Today is Monday! It's almost Tuesday though, and actually might be by the time I get this post written up and published.
This morning I went to class .. and it was awesome. We talked about welding and sandblasting. And then I went to the gym where I ran 6k and did a few things on the bosu ball. After that, I drove home and had some delicious supper, followed by driving back into Sydney to attend ashtanga (AKA power) yoga at Ascendo, the new gym by the movie theatres. It was originally going to be my very first awesome bikram yoga experience but you know what happened? They had to cancel it being hot :( So instead it was just very P90Xesque. It was a good workout nonetheless and the actual facility is gorgeoussssss .. I would recommend you check it out, even if you have no desire to ever exercise. It is massive.

OH AND! I stopped in to visit my boyfriend with a tea quickly after leaving CBU and guess what?! He had my light box stuff already to rock. Since leaving yoga, he has sent me two photos to show me what it looks like in it's finished state. Here they are. First up we have the actual box .. just a big box with lights and a white background ..makes me incredibly happy:

And the second photo is a shot of how it works closeup. It was taken by Garret and it is, of course, a photo of a garage tool. A tape measure to be exact!

So that is what Garret feels like he would take photos of if he was trying this experiment. Really, I should have just used that one because it may actually be better than the ones I took this evening. Time got away from me and I ended up being in a rush trying to find something to photograph and get uploaded in time. So it was between two options and the nutcracker won! So, without further ado, here is the worst installment thus far of my 365. Welcome to day 4.. only 361 left to go.

Hope you all enjoyed ..sorry for the incredibly blah update. I am exhausted. Oh one last funny story to leave you with:
My car has it's little gas light on. Which means I have to leave early for lab tomorrow because I couldn't get gas tonight because I had yoga pants and Uggs on. Then tomorrow I will probably forget to leave early enough to get gas, which will lead to me praying that my car makes it to the university before running out. Oh, the joys of this whole evening. Goodnight folks ..sleep has rarely looked more appealing!!

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