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February 06, 2011

Titles for posts? Overrated.

I feel like this evenings blog installment should have an official celebration: I GOT SIX HOURS OF SLEEP LAST NIGHT! It was wonderful. So then I made some breakfast .. chilled with the family for a little bit and did core synergistics with Tony Horton and then headed to the grocery store and work. It was a good workout .. it was a long lineup in the grocery store .. and I will expand on my trip to work down below. The moral of the story is this: It was a long day. Also, I need suggestions for a blog theme. In case you hadn't noticed, mine is currently having an identity crisis. Leave suggestions if you have any! Green a good color? The banner sucks .. will fix it eventually, probably.

Another Saturday evening spent at Cogan's. It was a super quiet evening, which was nice because there was a large magazine order in just waiting for me to read them! Alister came and kept me entertained for about 45 minutes or so and then some customers showed up. Then Garret showed up for a surprise visit and we played some break opens and won nothing. He showed me a photo of Jon's 7-foot icicle hanging from his house, it's nuts! That is a lot of ice just waiting to impale someone unsuspecting. I'm not going to lie - that icicle makes me nervous!

So then at about 9.45PM .. all kinds of people show up to my store to buy stuff. Thanks, folks. Couldn't have come a little earlier could you? So there's a man who pulls up and comes in and buys some break opens. He breaks some open and is replacing the winners with new tickets when some guy comes in and says 'Do any of you own a white Ford?' and so we all look out the window ..where the Ford is rolling down Cogan's parking lot .. out into the street .. and then up into Dooly's parking lot before loosing momentum and starting back into the street. The poor man ahahahah although it did provide a lot of entertainment for me and both the truck and the traffic survived with no harm done. Chances are good that man will remember to put the emergency brake on next time! I had a laugh .. closed the store .. scrapped off my car .. headed home.

So then I had to try to take a photo before 11.59PM in order to keep up with this 365 challenge. All I can say is day 2 and I was out of ideas. Thank god I didn't start this on a leap year, one extra day might just put me over the edge. So first, I enlisted the help of Blaine. We decided on Smarties .. so we took a few shots of Smarties, but none of them came out artsy enough. Then, we tried using his watch. Was not working for me either. Fast forward to my brilliant stroke of genius: Empty cup. Took a few shots .. they were neat. Another stroke of genius? Smarties IN the cup! Hello masterpiece. Or, really .. hello exhaustion and mildly awful photo for Day 2 of this. Day 3 will hopefully involve some photos from work. Thinking of ideas and then trying to make the photos look even decently alright is really tough. I'm thinking it may even be tougher than trying to think of titles for posts (this current post? Still lacking a title.). Now, I think I may make my tired bones head back upstairs for a cup of tea before snuggling into my covers and some Billy the Exterminator ;)

So without further rambling, I will post Day 2:


J Hod said...

Likin' de elephant on ya banner, mon. Green be good too.

*~t!ff~* said...

why not photograph the alleged 7 foot icicle?

Yvonne said...

Jess - I like the Jamaican vibe you're putting off! Hahaha

Tiff - It's on Garret's phone but he's going to send it to me. Will post it ASAP once I get it!!