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February 01, 2011

365 Challenge?

Every other photographer is doing it, so why not me as well right? Not that I am truly a photographer .. more like someone who bought a fancy camera and wishes she could use it. Since I promised my boyfriend could borrow my camera soon, I will either have to postpone starting for a few days or have to take the first few with one of my not so awesome cameras :( Either way, I will be starting this soon. I am posting it here to make certain that I actually follow through. Putting it in print with promises to post photos creates motivation ahahah

So for the next year (oh how daunting that sounds to me..) you will get TWO glorious gifts from me:
1. A funny awesome blog post
2. A slightly less awesome and probably not funny at all photo

Yes, consider yourself to be incredibly lucky if you follow / read my blog with any regularity. And heck, even if you don't? You'll get lots of updates since your last reading. It's like a win-win. Especially once it's got lots of photos to go with it! What a brilliant idea blogging is. Assuming people are interesting enough to warrant writing about their lives.

I am probably not .. but I think that that can be overlooked as long as I make you chuckle every once in awhile. So let's all cross our fingers that I accomplish that goal and you enjoy watching my photography evolve.

On the agenda for the rest of the day? Occupational Hygiene lab, where I will wear a dust monitor and walk around for an hour gathering sampling information. It will be entirely thrilling .. I am hoping Brad is agreeable to spend our time playing basketball and gymnastics at the fieldhouse ahahah. After that we will hit up gym where I will pound out a few miles and then rock the bosu ball& abs. I am hoping Miss Margaret joins us because I miss her being in my life if you're reading this Margaret, JOIN US. CDC is not that important of a class .. especially when your other option is hanging out with someone who has a blog! Hello, I'm practically the next Perez :)

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