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January 31, 2011

I actually hate titles so much I forgot to give this post one!

Soo today is a Monday. If I were a celebrity and someone else was writing this blog about me, I bet the post would be immensely more entertaining than the one you're about to read. If I were a celebrity, I would have attended the SAG awards last night, perhaps won something or worn something truly righteous. Instead, I didn't do any of that so thumbs up for sticking with me .. especially to my one follower;)
Monday Monday Monday .. today I had a great day. I went to my classes and they were thrilling. Foodborne was once again the highlight of the day, with a fantastic discussion on explosive diarrhea. So thanks for that, Bernie. Along with the explosive diarrhea, although completely unrelated I assure you, was a photo of 2 people from the society serving food and being bad examples of it and then the next slide? A photo of me ..doing yoga. What up, warrior 1 pose? So delightful to see yourself looking foolish up on the screen ahha Bernie is just lucky that I have a sense of humor!

Next was the gym. Where I ran 5k and then worked on my next project: bosu ball. It is my mission to bring this thing to popularity and when I get a big following / book deal, it will be awesome to see that happen. Hahaha so this is what I did this afternoon:
1. 10 lunges per side
2. Hop up, squat twice, hop down. 10 times.
3. Running on the bosu ball (hard to explain, but amazing for increasing speed for runs.) 2x25
4. Hop on, hop off to the other side, turn and repeat. 15 times
5. Situps on the ball, 15 times.

Was so much fun .. I'm going to make a list tonight and make sure to bring it tomorrow. I'm pretty sure the 2 girls also in the room with me thought I was completely mental, but I can't even be bothered caring. I LOVE these things and I am in way better shape than them anyway ;)

Next on the agenda was a visit to the barns, where I chatted with Patricia and Valerie and a girl named Emily. It was nice to see some familiar faces (both horse and people) but crazy how much changeover that place has seen! I stayed for about 90 minutes and then all feeling in my limbs, and especially toes, had left me so it was time to pack up and go home. Once I got home, I had a delicious chicken breast and some rice ..followed by a healthy bag of popcorn. Also to be eaten this fine evening: yogurt, strawberries, a large cup of tea to warm me up and perhaps some crackers and peanut butter? I like to eat ..sue me.

Also, I will spend the better part of the evening reading over my notes for anatomy& physiology while wishing for the snowstorm to actually arrive on Wednesday. Which will create yet another storm day and I will rejoice. For now, it's -20 out and that is very cold. Meaning the rejoicing is minimal and mostly centered around the fact that I am not at work right now and am instead curled up in my bed in pajamas! Now, if only that cup of tea would magically appear in my hand ..hmm

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