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January 30, 2011

Switch to esurance!

Just kidding. My post has nothing to do with esurance except that I was watching it while trying to think of a title for my post. Thinking of titles is easily the hardest thing I've had to do all day!

So last night, Meg and I went to watch The Rite. It was fantastic, save that Anthony Hopkins didn't eat anyone. That's always slightly disappointing to me. He did make an awesome exorcist though, so props Sir Hopkins. Then I almosttttt went out, until I was exhausted. So instead I went to sleep. End night.

Today I went to the mall and got an Orange Julius with the boyfriend. Obviously, as you read my blog you will learn several very important things about me:
1. I love Orange Julius.
2. I haven't really talked about the others yet... so keep waiting.

The smoothie was delicious and then we went to get oil for his Jeep. While I was waiting for him to come back out, some women was out playing fetch with her dog in the WalMart parking lot. It was odd, but I love dogs so I creepily watched them from my passenger side window for about 7 minutes.

So yes, the highlight of my Sunday was Orange Julius and creeping out dog owners. You know why that was the highlight? I went to work at 3 ..although it was incredibly quiet and I ALMOST spent the whole night curled up reading a good book on my eReader. You know why I didn't? I forgot it at my house. That makes me sad because instead I had to read this:

I know what you're thinking. I am SO lucky. It was awesome .. I read about a girl who has a possessive pilot husband who loses a leg. In order to pay for his recovery, she goes back to work for lawyer (the husband made her quit because he was jealous she worked for the guy) and the husband was so grateful that he tries to kill himself. They are more in love than ever.
Then I read a story about 2 guys in the army who were accused of rape, but were really just cheating on their girlfriends. Anddd also about a girl who falls in love with a boy and they get married and have to take on all her siblings because her oldest sister was murdered and her mother and father are also dead for some reason. She is 17.

Oh, trashy stupid magazines. How I hate you so. Next time, I will certainly remember to bring my reader. I cannot do another night of lounging in my big leather chair with shitty reading material. Otherwise, it would have been a picture perfect night at work. Snow kept the roads just bad enough to keep people away, except my favorite customers :) Most of my favorite customers are older, so they won't be reading my blog anytime soon. That saddens me.

Now, for the rest of the evening I'm going to curl up with my puppy and watch the Criminal Minds marathon (thanks, A&E, for being the best channel in the world) until I fall asleep. PS for everyone who reads this before tomorrow at 11PM should turn on A&E so that you can watch the most amazing show that exists -> Heavy. SO good.

Alright, that is enough of me writing about nothing for one evening. Enjoy your Sunday evening ladies and gents!

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