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March 04, 2012

Hi again!

Wow, I have neglected the poor blog for the last few days! Sorry about that. I've been working like crazy at the pool& I'm still trying to stop sleeping so much. I am always tired lately. A perfect example is that right now it's 1:35PM. I woke up at 9. I am already ready to sleep again .. so weird.

Anyway, I have nothing super exciting to report to the blog world. Last night I played with some golden retrievers named Sydney& Molly. They love me more than their real owners ;) Then we made pop from water. The people who own Sydney& Molly have a carbonation machine ..okay, I'm not exactly sure what it's called but it was awesome. We tried Cola Bold (so good) then made Mango-Orange. I think I'm in love& need one for Garret& I. You can even make white cream soda. Not to mention it is way healthier than the pop you buy in stores. My camera wasn't with me (story of my life lately. I need to work on that) so no photos of the event but it was pretty awesome.

That concludes the excitement in my world. I am so excited that today is Sunday& I have absoutely nothing to do other than lay here& do nothing. It's awesome. I also bought a car charger for my cellphone today. I got it for free thanks to a gift card I've had in my purse since Christmas. Sweet deal! Since I'm writing this from my boyfriend's computer& haven't uploaded any photos recently, enjoy this golden oldie from a session with Gena& Luca one snowy, winter day.

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