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February 27, 2012

February Best?

I never know what my 'best' shot of the month is. I also looked back at all my shots& realized that many of them this month were actually not that spectacular. I LOVE this one of my dog though. So I figured this would definitely work for 'I Clicked it up a Notch' photo contest for February :)

So simple. The scarf adds so much sophistication, don't you think? He looks like the dog version of Brad Pitt. Yes, I love my dog way too much. I am aware! Now, do you have a shot you just love that you took at some point this month? Link up by clicking the link up top or the button at the bottom of this post.

Now, off to enjoy the snowstorm headed our way! I am curling up with a cup of hot chocolate& my pup to watch it accumulate. There is something so peaceful about snow ..if it has to be cold& miserable, we may as well get some photo ops. Assuming I can force myself outside tomorrow morning with my camera in hand! Have a lovely Monday evening, folks.

Click It Up A Notch

1 comment:

Mindy Ann said...

Oh my gosh so cute!! Brad Pit for sure. He is working that camera! Haha I love how serious yet kinda whimsical this shot is, the golden yellow background with his navy scarf is a great choice in my opinion! :)