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February 25, 2012

Still busy!

There will no scavenger hunt happening on my blog tomorrow! I just didn't get the time this week to get the prompts done tragic. I am off to enjoy a movie with the boyfriend& then tomorrow I'm going to ride Pony& maybe watch the snow mobile races.

I know, my life is so thrilling you wish you had it. You know what I did find time to do though? Write a guest post for Sarah over at her blog, TULOA (The Unexplored Land of Adulthood)! I did a post on pet photography& included some of my most awesome shots ever. Okay, not really. But I did toss in some goodies. Interested in what I have to say? YOU SHOULD BE! Check it out here! Also, here is a photo from that post to encourage you to read how awesome I am at taking photos of pets ;)

Now, I know you guys haven't ever seen that photo but I love it!  It is from a fun show back in October. Enjoy your Saturday& Sunday everybody! I'll be back on track with real posts soon :)

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