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March 06, 2012

Winter sucks!

We got a snowstorm the other day. In March. Not unusual for around here but that doesn't make it any more pleasant when it happens. Apparently, we're getting another storm at some point in the next few days! It is also currently freezing out& snowing. I am not sure if I can last in a winter wonderland too much longer. My boyfriend just me reminded that it is two weeks exactly until spring. Oh how I hope Mother Nature gives us some sunshine& warmer temperatures as soon as spring starts!

I had a photo session today with two sweet dogs is five years old& the other one is only 11wks. I fell in love with the puppy. He was named Cooper& may have just been the sweetest little thing ever! There is photographic evidence of just how sweet he is below! Enjoy your day, ladies& gents ..remember spring IS on it's way! Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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