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January 16, 2012

Manic Monday

*Rounder is officially back in business. Despite my crazy day, I actually managed to get Sarah's post up! I think this means good things for all future Mondays :) Check it out ..just click here.

Seriously. Today I woke up, realized my pool bag I need for work in Sydney was at the wrong pool on the northside. Fantastic. Opposite direction I needed to head in to get to where I had to be at work in 50 minutes. It was bitter cold out. Then I forgot my sandals so I had to steal a pair from my northside pool. Got to the other pool, hopped in, taught for two hours, hopped out long enough to get a hot shower. After the shower, it was back in the water to swim some laps. I helped a friend with her strokes then swam a few laps but was frustrated by how slowly people were moving in the fast lanes. Then I went with Garret for an afternoon of lazing around. Then I put on another bathing suit, headed back to the northside& went to AquaFit for an hour. Then sauna& a tea to cap the evening off.

Can you tell from my massive block of text that I am so tired. I did manage to get a photo for Project 366 of a candle. It's a decent shot. This one is from yesterday ..can anyone guess what it is?! I also am managing my other task for this year. I got 366 day-by-day calendar& every night when I switch to the next day, I'm writing the highlights (or downers) from my day on the back of it. It is a really fun idea& I have missed keeping a journal regularly. This is a nice compromise since it only takes a minute or two to write out!

Okay. Now I'm off to see if the Lakers game is being played on my TV& probably to crash into bed before the first quarter is over! I hope everyone had a delightful-as-a-Monday-can-be Monday!

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