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January 15, 2012

Hunting again

This week we're looking for five more prompts! Go me for getting back on this train. I took a break from photo challenges after Top 11 of '11& Memories, Dreams& Reflections! I am now sitting here watching a Lakers game& editing the photos for this post. Don't forget to check out the other entries! Now, let's move on to the prompts.

1. Stacked Up- Okay. I had to use chocolates because I couldn't think of anything else worth stacking. Cue that giant bag of gold coins Mom got at Costco just last week. Turns out they are good for something more than just making us pleasantly plump! I love this photo in black& white way more than color ..mainly because the color of the shelf clashed with the coins.

2. Winter Wonderland- I am doing a self-portrait a week for the entire year. My game plan is to have 52 really fun& creative portraits of myself so I'm really pushing to get creative. Yesterday, I built a snowman& dressed like it was summer outside. Then I set up the tripod, kicked off my shoes& took some photos. This is, hands down, one of my favorite photos I've ever taken. Not even just of myself but of anyone. Best part? I never would have convinced anyone else to do this.

Also linked to Show Off Your Shot :)

3. Sweet- I love, love, love candy canes. When I saw this prompt I just knew that I had to use them. The key question was how to make it look creative& fun? Yeah. I'm really striving towards being a more creative person this year. I like to think it's even working out for me two weeks in. Final result? Makes me smile ..I can't decide if it is because I like candy canes or I like the actual photo ;)

4. Hole- I'm going to be honest. I had no idea what to do for this one. I tried a few creative photos with the pup but he didn't want to play along& I'm really tired. Instead I'm going to use another photo from my Project 366. Don't worry though, I just took it today when we out for supper so I'm still totally playing by the rules! Does this count ..these lights have holes in them?

5. Frozen- Where I live, everything is frozen. Welcome to winter on an ice-olated island (I'm so clever). It really sucks when you're someone who hates the cold weather. I'm trying to really embrace it by dressing very warmly& still being active. The boyfriend even managed to get me to go for a walk the other day. During that walk, I took some photos because I actually remembered this prompt. Wow! Apparently I'm even breaking my awful habits of procrastination. Some frozen apples ..I also used these as a photo of the day. Just call me a pansy when it comes to reusing photos. I won't mind.

Anyone else participating in the Scavenger Hunt? Is anyone else doing a Project 366& just recycling photos from the last week of that for this particular challenge?! In my defense, I did take two new photos just for this. And the apple photo was taken with this challenge in mind ..okay, I can't justify my laziness. I promise to be better next week! I hope you guys all had a delightful weekend. Mine was completely lovely. Now, I'm curling up with the last half of the Lakers game!

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