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January 17, 2012

Free Crappy Portraits

Seriously. This is a place. I had sort of forgot they existed until about 2 minutes ago when I got my very own free, crappy portrait from them. I wasn't sure what to blog about today since I did nothing worth mentioning (except ..I am now working with a greenbroke 8yr old Arabian who has never cantered undersaddle! YAY!) so I figured I'd just include a photo from either tonight or some other day& attach a story to go with it.

Then I reloaded my e-mails& I had an email from Free Crappy Portraits. It made me smile& laugh. I sent them 2 photos(here& here)& this:
This is my boyfriend& I. Clearly, we have a loving relationship built on mutual respect. I like every single animal ever& he likes Jeeps& motorcycles. The only thing we really agree on is that I'm the funniest of the two. I keep because he's handy around the house& can fix absolutely anything. I own a blog (HalfPastWonderful) but he doesn't. I have no idea what to write which I guess means we aren't very interesting. Use your imaginations!

*Please note: I have also attached a photo of my dog because he is pretty fantastic so even if you don't want to draw us, he's there for the taking. Crowd favorite dead serious. He is very old& cranky. He hates having his photo taken. Despite this, I take his photo a lot. He likes to sleep under the Christmas tree& pee on the rug in the bathroom. We love him. Most days.
  I never expected to hear from them because they only do select photos, which I think means they pick the coolest people& go from there. I think I remember reading this somewhere on their blog. You know what that makes me? Cooler/ funnier/ something more than lots of other people who submit photos ;) I bet you're dying to see the photo they sent, aren't you? I know I was as soon as I realized I had gotten a reply from them. It was like 'Surprise! Since you don't remember sending this e-mail it is sort of like they just found you, thought you were SUPER cool& used information from this blog to draw you.' But that's not how it works at all. So here's the photo ..what do you think?!

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