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January 19, 2012

Ballet class?

I've never really been a dancer. Don't get me wrong ..I tried to dance for years. I did step, highland, maybe even tap, jazz& ballet. It didn't really pan out. Turns out I'm more suited to riding horses (I got a new project to play with! Photos coming soon)& swimming. Dance is not my forte.I discovered today that ballet is also not Squirt's forte. How did I discover this? Good question!

The other evening, Meg got me some great things from the San Francisco store inventory (funny story behind this ..start blogging again, Meg!) to celebrate my day of birth. A boa, some glasses, a hat& a spectacular purple tutu! The dog didn't even know what was coming& before he knew what was up, he was in a tutu. It was hilarious. Also, I've discovered how to get a very well behaved dog in the light box- bribe him. I just give him little slivers of mini candy canes (should have stocked up on these ..don't know what I'm going to do when this box runs out!) and he listens perfectly. The promise of a candy cane also removes the general look of hatred from his eyes. Now, he looks slightly manic instead! It's either from the promise of a candy cane or from the slight sugar rush he's experiencing. Depends on what photo from the shoot I use.

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In this photo, I used the third one we took so the sugar rush hasn't hit yet. He's anxiously awaiting his second piece of candy cane. You can practically see it in his eyes 'Please, Mum! Look how good I am being. Please give me a treat!' While I don't usually ever treat my dog, I figure it won't kill him. An entire photo shoot results in him getting one third of a mini candy cane. Yeah, I'm certainly not going to have a diabetic dog on my hands. I've also made a promise to him that he only has to go in the light box once a week, max! Does anyone else make deals with their animals? Sometimes I feel crazy when I write out my dog stories but other people can relate ..right?!

One last thing before I leave you folks to swoon over my sweet pup. I am officially riding again! I am working with a green broke 7yr old Arabian named Zafarr. I need a pet name for him ..I'm thinking Pony or Arab. Any other suggestions? He's sweet as pie day it is not bitterly cold out, I promise to snap some photos of him :) Enjoy your Thursday evening, folks!

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