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January 22, 2012


*Submitted this post without a title. Titles& I do NOT get along. I hate thinking of them. I hate typing them out& I'm certain they are never interesting enough to draw readers in.

The weather here is crazy day, it's mild. The next, it's freezing cold. I have no idea what it is like today because at 10:40AM, I'm just deciding to start the day. Later, I have grand plans of going to the barn to play with Pony& then go swimming. We'll see how that all pans out. I also didn't get photos done for Scavenger Hunt, so that sucks. Instead you're getting a regular post from me on a Sunday.

Yesterday was the official end of week 3 of my Project 366! I've been doing so well ..knock on wood! Not only have I taken a photo every day for 21 days, I've managed to keep to my promises about my weekly photos. What promises are those, you ask? That I take one photo a week of my dog& one of myself. The other 5 days are random. I'm having a blast with the self-portraits& puppy portraits, though! They are really forcing me to be creative ..who knew I had it in me? I sure didn't! So, cue yesterday when both of my weekly 'musts' were photographed& I had no other ideas. It was 10:30PM and I was feeling like failure was imminent. Uh oh. Last year I made it to day 90. Was I really going to end up having to tell people I failed after a mere 20 days? Not even three weeks?!

Nope. Cue the momma bear! She was just sitting there at the table, talking on the phone to my dad. Who doesn't blog. He works out west& for a long time, I had no idea what exactly he did out there. Turns out, he tests high voltage electrical equipment before it goes into use to make sure the electricians did their jobs right. He's like a super-electrician. I hope he gets danger pay ..

Linking to Simple Things!

I love this photo! I don't think she knew I was taking it (or did you, Mom?) plus it is wayy better than my other options for photos ..a little scarecrow doll or some pretty paperclips. Not to mention- how fabulous does her hair look? The answer- pretty fabulous! So, now I'm off to enjoy a lazy Sunday photo session with my friend, her cat& that little dog bed! I have to say.. this is shaping up to be a pretty wonderful start (or end) to the week! Now, if only I can find the motivation to go ride Pony.. if not today, tomorrow for sure :) I hope everyone else is having a fabulous day as well!

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