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January 23, 2012

Forget about it!

No, seriously. That has been my motto since about Sunday. I can't even remember everything I've forgotten in the last 72hrs. It is scary ..I usually have a really good memory. Now I'm just a sitting duck waiting for my short-term memory loss to go away!

For example, after my AquaFit class at the pool, I left the following items there:
  • towel
  • sweater
  • glasses
  • cell phone
  • camera
Then I remembered that I forgot my glasses& cell phone so I went back to get them. About thirty minutes after the pool was closed, I remember I forgot my towel& sweater. Crystal actually had to remind me that I forgot my camera there. Then, before leaving to go to the pool, I forgot my purse at my house. I forgot to take my hair dryer with me to the pool AND I forgot to bring a hair towel.

I am also completely exhausted& feeling like I just can't get out of my own way. It has not been a very good last few days for me at all. I just can't shake this strange forgetful behaviour. My fingers are crossed that it is just a virus or something making me tired hence leading to my inability to remember anything. I can totally understand why people who are permanently losing their memories panic .. this is a terrible feeling. I honestly feel like I have to keep a running list of things that need to get done, things I am supposed to have with me& things I've brought places that need to leave with me.

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Meanwhile, enjoy this photo of my friend's cat, Duffy! He absolutely loved modeling in the light box ..just kidding! We convinced him with lots of snuggles& yogurt. We managed to get some pretty cute shots in the end. I think I have an addiction to animal photos taken in my light box. No big deal. Anyone have a small animal they want to donate to the cause?! Oh well, I hope everyone out there reading my blog had a better Monday than me. Not that that was hard.

Oh, I also managed to get some photos of Pony being lunged ..which are on my camera ..which is locked away in the pool office. What a great start to the week :) Oh and I found there's a place where two eagles are always perched! Expect a photo of them sometime in the near future ..assuming I can remember.

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