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January 24, 2012

4 of 52

That's right. I have successfully managed to take a photo a week of my dog for FOUR weeks! I'm practically finished with the project ;) Today, I knew exactly what I had to do for his weekly portrait. I must really be tapping into my creative self because I normally would never think of something like this. Go me! I feel like I'm actually learning to think of good photos all by myself. For my dog, at the very least! Without further ado ..Squirt's latest photo of the week:

Linked with Momtog, {snapped},

It makes me laugh. I just wish my garbage can was a different color so it stood out some more in the light box. Have I mentioned also that all 52 photos are going to occur in there? I no longer like photos of my dog anywhere else. It really makes you focus on the pup& he is so much agreeable to go in there. Weekly photo sessions kept short. The key to success with my silly dog. Oh and did I mention the candy canes? His love for those things runs deep& true!

Also, I'm happy to report that I didn't have a crazy, forgetful day like yesterday. Then again, I didn't have anything to remember so I guess there was nothing to forget. What a dilemma. I am still crazy tired though is 9:10PM& I'm considering curling up in bed once I hit 'publish'! I have to teach at the Y tomorrow& then heading over to play with Pony. Pony has had his photo taken a few times but nothing worth posting on here yet. I may include him in my self-portrait this week so perhaps then you'll get to see him :) I am really enjoying having a project to play around with again!

PS- anyone want a dog?

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