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January 25, 2012

Some days you're the lawyer..

..and some days you're the silly regular person who parks in the lawyer's parking space. Yeah. I was the second part of that phrase today. Off I go to work at the Y. Get there at 9:30AM .. leave at 11:45AM. Walking towards my car, I see someone is leaning over my hood to read something on my windshield. My first thought is why is this guy hanging out near my car? My second thought is oh, snap. I have a huge ticket or something. So, I ask the guy 'Hey, what are ya readin'? Do I have a ticket?' He laughs& tells me no, I have something much more interesting. Now I'm curious so I pick up the pace. He is laughing at my situation& I read what is tucked into my wiper.
This is a legal notice from Khattar& Khattar. You are parked in a reserved or paid parking space. Your license plate has been recorded in our files. A second violation will result in a fee and/or tow away. Signed, Management.
Fine& dandy this point, I'm laughing with him until I look up. Immediately, I stop laughing. The jerk has me blocked in. I can't drive forward because of a chain link fence& I can't back up into his gas guzzling SUV because, well, he's a lawyer. He can probably make me pay for the rest of my life. I mean, after all, they DO have my license plate number now. So I call Mom .. then Garret. Mom laughs, Garret tells me maybe I can get it towed. I call the tow company, I can't. That sucks. I prepare to sit in my car until 7PM when he leaves his law office. The guy who made me aware of my situation is now telling me maybe I should go in to Khattar& Khattar to apologize. Clearly, this guy doesn't know me that well.

See my dilemma? Yeah. Fantassstic. Thankfully, see all that empty space between the front of their car& the back of mine? Oh yeah. Next time, Khattar& Khattar, don't leave so much wiggle room. There were cars on both sides of me but within two minutes of each other, both parking spaces were empty (at the point of this photo, one car has left)! What does that mean? An easy get-away for the little Civic that could. So, I got my car out from that space& parked in the spot right beside it. Why? So I could return their letter to them, of course!

While I was writing out a return note, a bunch of people walked by commenting how much of an ass the guy who parked in the middle of the lot was. I hope you're stuck at work allllll night with people walking by thinking that. I just laughed because I won in the end. So, what did my return note say? I should have photographed both of them but I forgot!
Thanks for the blog content for today :) I hope this made you feel better about yourself since you were clearly having a shitty day! Signed,
 I sincerely hope whoever was parked behind me decides to check it out when they get the note. Like I said on Facebook, it either made them laugh or cry. I'd take either one because in the grand scheme of things, you've got to see the humor in your world, right? I was in the wrong for taking their space& they were in the wrong for being giant assholes :)

PS Khattar& Khattar, if you do read this ..leave me a comment. I'd hate for my story to be absent of your half of the adventure. I mean, it'd be the best really if we could do an interview. I could even teach you some better ways to make sure no one ever parks in your spot again ..not so much wiggle room next. Amateur ;) The only thing I'm truly sad about? I didn't have a business card with me to tuck under his wiper in return. Too bad. That would have been truly hilarious to me. Oh, and I'm sad I didn't take more photos of the whole thing because it cracked me up. Also, it was a gorgeous day on the Cape& I had a fabulous afternoon at the barn. Being blocked in by a bitter barrister (alliteration, whut up?) was only a very minor& mildly hilarious setback to a great day.

How is your Wednesday going?

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J Hodd said...

If you were Chris you would have put nails under the tires. Did I tell you that story? It's a good one!