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January 27, 2012

It's not Saturday?

Man, I have my days confused. I keep thinking today is tomorrow. Don't you hate when that happens? I had a post done up for yesterday about ice fishing ..are you wondering why? My photo of the day yesterday was some people who were braving the very cold weather to sit next to a hole in the ice& wait for fish. Not my cup of tea. I lasted 35 minutes outside. Long enough to walk down to the beach, snap a photo, let the dog have a little run& then walk back. Today is, once again, a very cold day. I managed to get to the barn just long enough to lunge Pony& give him a quick brush. I have to remember to bring him some treats eventually! Tomorrow I'll steal some treats )from someone at one of the barns I'm taking photos at) for him. Such a caring person, I am! Are you guys curious as to what Pony looks like yet? Crystal came out to meet him the other day& snapped some photos of him being lunged. She has a LOT to learn about using my camera but she did manage to get a few good shots :) Here is a favorite-

Pony pretty much hates me ..I am just out of the frame, cracking the whip& making him do a working trot. What do you think? How can you not love that face, eh? He's actually working into shape pretty quickly, we're doing lots of lunge line work+ some walk/trot under saddle. He is hesitant to move forward when I'm riding but we're working on it! I should have some riding photos before too long. Great for a before/ after of him :)

Sadly, Khattar& Khattar didn't get back to me about blocking me in on Wednesday. How tragic is that?! My mom thinks probably they didn't even read my note. I hope curiosity got the better of them& they checked it out but were too chicken to reply! On the bright side, it got a lot of views& made some people chuckle so hey, something good came from it! I hope everyone has some awesome things planned for this weekend ..I don't, really. Tonight, I'm curling up with some junk food& either a book or a good TV show to brave out the winter storm we're getting. Then tomorrow, I'm going to a jumping/ dressage clinic to take some photos. In between, I'm hoping to get in a visit to Pony& then Sunday I'm working. FUN! I'm now off to purchase some of those treats I mentioned earlier.

Oh, and possibly to kill my dog :) If he doesn't stop whining, I'm seriously going to LOSE my mind. He is actually driving me bonkers. I don't know how much longer I can stand this constant crying ..I probably won't kill him but I may hide downstairs& make him stay up here. I am SO cruel.

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