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January 30, 2012

Hello, authority figures?

We need to chat. People who write& maintain the law are not getting along so well with me this week. I feel like an episode of Law& Order. Everyone remembers the jerky lawyer, right? Fast forward to Saturday. Off I went to photograph a horse clinic. It was really fun but by lunch I was very cold& even hungrier. So I headed to Tim Hortons, the bank& the gas station. After driving around with the heat cranked high enough to return the feeling to my toes (not even joking), I headed back to the clinic. While on my way, I got pulled over. The cop proceeds to ask me if I own the vehicle. At this point, I'm wondering did my parents report the car as stolen. I basically ask the cop that. Nope, just that I've been driving an unregistered vehicle since May 2011. Oh, right. So I say I had no idea& can I just have a warning because the situation will be fixed Monday AM. He says he can't give me a warning because it's been too long.

At this point, I remind him he is giving me a ticket because no cop has pulled me over for this infraction in almost 9 months. Basically, I'm getting a ticket because his coworkers didn't do his job sooner? He laughs& says maybe I'd prefer to be ticketed AND towed? I laugh and say no. Then he goes to write the ticket. This takes about 13 minutes. He comes back to my car& says to me- "I feel really badly giving you this ticket. My partner pressured me into writing this out for you."

...$169.60 later, my plates will be renewed as soon as the DMV opens this morning. Upside? The ticket is written on a very pretty green piece of paper. Downside? Bad things come in threes, right? Keep your eyes peeled for my next run in with an authority figure. I can only imagine what that might look like. Hopefully it is less expensive& more inconvenient. More lawyer& less cop.

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Enjoy a delightful photo of a Thoroughbred from the clinic. Thanks, parents& Garret. These photos would not have been possible without you guys. Zoom lens was beyond helpful& without the flash, I simply wouldn't have bothered even trying to get any photos. All of them were taken in crappy arena lighting, SS 1/125, aperture 5& ISO 1600. Yes, that is as high as my little camera goes. Soon time to upgrade!

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