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January 31, 2012

5 weeks of me

So far because, yup, I made a few promises this year& at the end of the first month, I'm still holding firm to them. I am managing a photo a day. One photo a week of myself& one photo a week of my pup. I am also managing to do a micro-journal where I jot down some of the positives& negatives of my day at the end of every evening on my day-by-day calendar. Which is from Someecards so no matter how crappy my day was, I'm usually laughing by the time I switch my day.

I thought that I would really dread having to do a self-portrait once a week but, oddly, I'm finding it really fun! I can do weird things& have 100 retakes because it's just me. I don't mind looking like a tool a few hundreds times to get a good shot. I do strange things that I wouldn't ask other people to do. An example? My self-portrait for this week. I just took it today.

The setup for this was hilarious. I had my tripod straddling the toilet& the legs of it were on shoe boxes. I completely set up the camera before I got in the shower (foresight ..I am getting it!), I got an entire shower first to get that steamy effect& then proceeded to hit the shutter button a few times& make weird faces. If I ever decide to post the outtakes from some self-portrait sessions, people may never speak to me again!! I have to admit that I am having a blast taking them& learning lots in the process. This one came out pretty decently when you consider I had absolutely no idea at all what I was doing.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday! I have been super busy& neglecting the blog world slightly but I promise to make more of an effort. I need to get myself together for another scavenger hunt& catch up on a few of my favorite blogs! If anyone else is doing a 366 Project, give me a shout out in the comments ..I'd love to know a few other people suffering through this with me ;)

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