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February 01, 2012


We are in the midst of a snowstorm here, folks! I have been curled up in my house being bored as the roads are too messy to really bother driving anywhere. I tried to encourage Squirty to play in the snow with me about 2hrs ago but I'm pretty sure the dog just thinks I need to have a full mental checkup. Since he has completely failed me as far as being a fun, energetic dog goes, I decided I would torture him the only way I know how.

Who wouldn't click like when the landing page is that cute?!

That's right. Photographs. He lucked out tonight, though. Instead of actively taking new photos, I opted to make new graphics for my Facebook page. I have some pretty crappy Welcome, Pricing& Contact tabs. Being as I'm stuck inside due to lack of traction for my car& lack of enthusiasm from my dog, I busted out trusty old Photoshop& got to work! A mere hour later, I have a bunch of new photos for when people scroll through the page. It is pretty fabulous if I do say so myself. So what photo do you see on the Welcome page after photo #1 of Squirt has convinced you to click Like?

I really outdid myself ;) So, I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday. Mine feels at least a smidgen productive now!

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