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February 03, 2012

Slack Friday

I promise, starting Sunday with the Scavenger Hunt, I'll be so back on the ball as far as blogging& commenting goes! I've been very busy. Example- 2hr nap yesterday. See? My life is INSANE ;) Seriously though, I feel like I'm go-go-going& then I have no idea what I did or where I went. Oh, well. I am definitely going to be all ready to go with my scavenger hunt& then I'll be back on the ball!

Shortly, Crystal& I are going to visit Pony& make him work. He had a break for awhile but now it is over. Sucks to be him. Also, the barn where Pony lives got a new arrival the other day. Her name is Coco& she's a little black& white paint. She's 1.5yrs old& seems to be just as sweet as pie! Want to see a photo? Okay!

How cute is she? Very cute! Clearly, I only stopped in yesterday for long enough to snap about 5 photos& then the cold took over my senses& I had to leave to attend to very important business (read- nap)! It is still freezing outside but I will be dressed in about 100 layers so it should be a little better.

Also, while I was writing this, my Facebook page just reached 120 likes. I know that is SMALL potatoes compared to some of you guys but I am so pumped! Now, only 3 more followers to get to 100 on here .. come on, folks! Think I'm funny or witty photographer& click Follow. Then comment lots& make me a famous blogger so I can live solely off ad revenue!

All that being said, it is the weekend guys! You made it through another week so pat yourself on the back& enjoy the weekend! Or, if you're like my mom& work weekends ..well, you lose ;) Just think of your next day off& how you'll be free while everyone else is slaving away! Enjoy& I'll see you guys on Sunday for the Scavenger Hunt!

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