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February 04, 2012

Sunday Hunt

Okay, determined to participate in Scavenger Hunt again. My last one was a few weeks ago. My jaw currently aches so badly that it isn't even funny but, hey, I'm a trooper! So, here I am. Watching Mean Girls& entering the Scavenger Hunt. Clearly, I am the most exciting 25yr old out there! Onto the photo prompts we go.

1. Strike A Pose- Ahh so I had absolutely no idea what to use for this. Then I thought back to the photos I took in the snow the other day of the ponies. People may have already seen this photo of little Coco but I have to include it! She really looks like she is striking a pose. It is her sassy little 1.5yr old self, shining through!

Also linked to Sunday Best!

2. Footwear- As I mentioned, I've got a sore jaw. That means all I did today was laze around .. I drove to work (45 minutes late. It's been a really good day)& then came home to curl up with some pain medicine& heat. I clearly didn't have these prompts photographed before today so I figured you guys were stuck with an uninspired photo of my socks!

3. Hobby- I ride horses, drive in my car& enjoy a lot of teas with friends. I also swim, bike& run. I was limited to what existed in my house .. so, none of the above. Enter me deciding maybe I just wouldn't enter the scavenger hunt after all. Until inspiration stuck. How did I miss it the first time? I take a lot of photos with my camera!

4. Shiny- So, don't laugh, but we still have 2 fake trees hanging out in our house. Both are fully decorated. One is just a little one that lives in our spot where we take our shoes off ..what is that place called? Anyway, it is very shiny. It's lime green. It is decorated with little green birds. So I took a photo of one. Then I made it black& white because otherwise it kind of fit with the next prompt.

5. Color Me Green- My favorite prompt. I needed a photo of my dog for this week for the 366 Project. So I figured I'd work him into one of these prompts& this one worked just as well as any others! So, with a little green food coloring, a green lei& some candy cane persuasion, off we went to the light box. I love my dog.

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