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February 06, 2012

19 days

That's how long I have to train for a half-marathon. Huh. I know some people like to enter prepared& all that, but screw it. I'm throwing caution to wind& hoping there's a hospital nearby.

I just wish I could draw stick figures as well as Julie! No, seriously. Click that link& laugh at her stories. She cracks me up .. I may have to hire her to illustrate my foray into winter half-marathons. I have a feeling that I'll be either dead or close to it by the time I hit the end of the route. I am, however, officially in. No going back now. My registration is being dropped off as I type. It sort of horrifies me since I have actually not run sinceee umm .. January sometime. Excellent! Just call me the queen of solid game plans.

Thankfully, I already own the winter running gear. I have those bad boys+ long running pants+ a headband+ some gloves. Now, I just need someone to lend me a set of lungs& legs then I think I should be good to go? So, any marathoners want to volunteer for a transplant? No? Okay. Does anyone remember my possibly disastrous 10k? The training I did for that (1 day)? And the success? I am REALLY banking on that working for me in 19 days. Why did I say yes again? At least if I fail miserably ..okay, there is no bright side to this. Well, I can say I didn't even begin to train until less than 3wks before it?

Ahhh .. the sweet taste of success (my untrained 10k in which I managed a 57min run. Thankyouverymuch)! Hopefully, I will get to taste it again in 19 days. If not, well, hopefully there's a photo of me facedown in the snow, crying somewhere.

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