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February 08, 2012

Resolution check

Is everyone managing to keep up with their resolutions? I know I am! Day 39 of 366 is photographed, 70 laps have been swam& I'm still writing in my day-by-day calendar every evening. I have to say, this is going pretty swimmingly.

Today's photo is of my faja. He's a pretty cool guy. He used to come to the barn& take photos for me because he's just that awesome. He works away& he doesn't have a blog, unlike my mother, so he doesn't get mentioned around here as much. Plus, he doesn't read my blog so hopefully Mom passes on the memo that today's post is about him :D You rock, pops!

He is pretty good to me. I have to say, I think I'm his favorite. Don't tell my brother. Dad is too kind to ever admit it out loud but I know ;) I also love this photo of dad .. you can tell how happy he is! I'd say it was to see me but I'm pretty sure he just looks that happy 24/7 in his garage. Seriously. Him& my boyfriend are very similar when it comes to liking the garage more than the house. Actually, my mom really loves the garage too. That's currently where her& Dad are. I'm not sure why .. I don't get the attraction.

PS half-marathon training is going well. Managed 70 laps in the pool this evening. Then I ate some eggs, an Orange Julius smoothie& just a little slice of chocolate cake with boiled icing. SO GOOD. I'm practically super ready.

So, I re-ask.. is everyone else keeping up with their resolutions?! What were they& are you glad you made them? I am so glad I made mine .. well, until I fail miserably with keeping up with them, that is.

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