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February 10, 2012

Aqua Tally

Last week, I received my Aqua Tally! I know you're wondering what exactly an Aqua Tally is, right? Well, it is a lap counter! It is simple concept that works great! You have a plastic holder with a metal rod& then 25 beads on it. The first 4 are one color (bright blue for me!) then the fifth bead is a different color. You can make one bead count for however many laps you want .. from 1 to 200. I made each bead represent 6 laps. Such a keener. I have to admit, counting to six is way easier to keep track of than 60+. I can normally manage about 20 laps before I start to get confused about what number I am on, so only having to count to six was so neat.

I'd swim 6 laps, move a bead to the other end& start back at one. I realized just how badly I was butchering my lap counting when I started to use Aqua Tally. I always used to err on the side of caution when counting my laps, so I'd guess conservatively (literally, I was guessing how many laps I was doing ..probably not the most efficient way to train). Using the counter, I realized how quickly I was flying through my laps. Turns out, I'm actually a pretty fast swimmer. So that was a really fun discovery on my part ..thanks, Aqua Tally!

The only thing that I have to say about this that isn't glowing is that the suction cups on the bottom didn't work for me. They are supposed to make it so that you can stick your counter to the side of the pool. The suction cups on mine didn't stick out far enough to actually suction to the wall. Since I'm super resourceful though, I just laid it flat on the edge of the pool. So instead of it being in the water on the wall, it sat on top of it.

Aside from the disappointment of lack of working suction cups, this thing is great! I've been using it for about a week now& at first I was concerned about how well it would hold up because it looks fairly fragile. It holds up great! I've just been throwing it in my swimming bag along with my towel, goggles, sandals& everything else. The thing is a trooper!

Moral of the story? It is not a high tech gadget but it works great! If you're swimming laps in any amount, having this to help keep track makes a really big difference. I don't think I'll ever be swimming again without it! If you're like me at all& counting laps while swimming is hard, then this is a perfect way to fix that. Overall, I would give Aqua Tally a solid 4.5/5. The only thing that didn't work exactly like I thought it would was the suction cups& in my case, that wasn't a big deal because I just sat it on the pool edge!

Not to mention, it is pretty cute!

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