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February 12, 2012

Snow ponies!

Today was another barn adventure kind of day. It was so beautiful this morning that we were on the road by 9AM. I had Pony ridden by 11:30& he did great. Tomorrow he gets a day off because it's going to be -26°C (15°F for you Americans!) so I'll be spending the day snuggled into my covers. Then Crystal& I visited with a friend from our last barn& lastly, we stopped in to see Dixie. Remember the Haflingers? Yeah .. we don't do much with them anymore!

By the time we got to Dixie's barn, it was bitter cold& snowing like crazy. So Crystal did manual labor& I took some photos of the ponies. There were some guys playing hockey on the pond who scared the crap out of the horses while I was in the field with them& I almost died laughing at them trying to get their footing to run away. After that, the snow realllly started to pick up so I snapped a few photos of them running like wild beasts.

I am so glad I was up early& now I can just spend this evening curled up in my bed, taking medicine for my jaw& eating soup. Does anyone out there have any recommendations for soft food? I'm going nuts .. I've been surviving on egg whites, tomato soup, chocolate milk& tea. Everything else hurts to chew. It is so ridiculous. The pain hasn't let up since it started& it actually hurts to brush my teeth. Someone please have some home remedies!

One last photo of some ponies just for some good measure! I hope everyone had a delightful weekend :) I am now going to catch up on some blog posts .. I love evenings like this!

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