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December 27, 2011

Top 11 of '11

Click It Up A Notch

Currently, there is some kind of wonderful happening on Click It Up a Notch, Click. Pray. Love& NaptimeMomTog where you link up with them to a post including your 11 best shots of the year of your children. For those of us without child, animals will work as well. Which means, fans of Squirt, you guys are about to see 11 awesome photos taken of my dog this year. I'm going to try to include lots of variety. Buckle up& sit tight for a photo documentation of how great my dog is. Also, these aren't in any particular order. Unless I find some real motivation& start ranking them (yes, I'm writing this post Dec. 12th chances are good I might find some motivation for that)! Also, somewhere in the description of each photo, I've linked to the original post (if there is one) where you'll find it& some back story! Good luck ..hope you make it through!

11. A photo from the summer when I did a photo shoot of my girlfriend's graduation. I'm pretty sure this photo has never made the blog ..I captured a series of shots of the pup running towards me with a Pepsi cup in his mouth. They came out so cute that I had to include one of them in my top for this year!

10. Next up is a photo I practically had to drug the dog to get! I took all the teddy bears I could find, threw them on my bed& then threw him in the mix with them. I was sort of hoping for a Where's Waldo only with Squirt& teddy bears instead of men in red& white striped shirts! It didn't work out that the dog was very hard to find ..but his expression in this just cracks me up so I had to use it! 'Please, Mum. Make it stop!'

9. This is a recent photo fact, it's the last one I took of the dog because we ended up not being friends by the end of it. So I made a promise that I wouldn't take any more photos of him for awhile since he seemed to be getting a little bitter about it. I am placing this shot as my 9th favorite simply because it started out with so much potential& ended up just being a mediocre shot of the pup. Nonetheless, it's still really cute ..just wishing I had of ended with more than 1 single photo from the shoot.

8. This photo I absolutely love ..and when you consider we are only on photo 8 that means I'm either really good (not likely) or I just love my dog more than is reasonable (very likely). This was after a particularly rough day where I made him take photos. The poor beast was just completely pooped after the session. It is, apparently, really tough to sit there while I take the photos. This is a shot from a day when I was wondering about his immediate future.

7. This is one of the first photos I ever took in my light box. It was after a hot yoga session (I actually was pretty funny when I described that day should probably read that entry if you're going to bother reading any)! I was so excited to have my light box all set up ..okay, mostly I was excited to be finished with hot yoga. This was also before the dog began to dread my camera so he went in& I quickly snapped this photo. He looks like such a superstar that that should have been my first clue to his diva future ;)

6. Number 6 is a photo of my dog& myself. I absolutely love this photo because it looks like he really likes me. I don't know why because I'm pretty sure he doesn't. I must have had some kind of food smell on me ..I can think of no other reason my dog would be curled up in my chin. I don't know or care why. I just know I love this photo for that reason alone. My favorite photo of the pup& I.

5. Look at you guys go! You're masters at making it through a ton of photos of the dog who looks like he just climbed out of the sewer! This photo was taken after he had a 'play date' with Max. Basically, he hated every minute of it while myself& Max's owner talked for hours. Poor Squirt. His life sucks. This was one time I applied a texture& really liked the result. Textures& I don't generally get along.

4. This photo was taken solely for me to try out my new watermark with. I was so excited I had made one& needed a photo to try it on. I probably could have just used an old photo but whatever. I snapped this photo with no intentions of it ever being anything spectacular ..and indeed, it may not be. That doesn't matter though because I absolutely love it regardless! I just love the look on his face. He's practically smiling& that is so rare to photograph. I know his face is a little underexposed but let's just overlook that ;)

3. We're in the big leagues now! The top three. I bet you're just dying to see what ones made it, aren't you?! Or you cheated& have already scrolled through all the photos. Another favorite shot is one of myself, my dog& my boyfriend. This was the first time we've ever managed to get a photo of all three of us together. It took a lot of complaining& waiting on my part but I managed to make it happen! Now I can always frame this& have a photo of myself& two of my favorite guys :)

2. My second favorite photo of all time is a photo of my dog in the bath. Don't worry's tastefully done! No nudies here ;) I lathered him up& stuck some of the remaining soap on his head. The end result was him looking so pathetically cute that I had to snap a few photos. I don't know why the dog doesn't like the camera. Any ideas?!

1. The number one spot goes to my favorite photo of the dog. Obviously. I set this shot up really quickly& then had a lot of unusable photos because Squirt spent the entire time hopping out of the set. What a little bugger. That aside, I got one shot that worked& it was actually pretty awesome. A little post-processing to spice up the color& voila! I ended up with my favorite photo of my little monster!

Congratulations on making it through 11 photos of my dog! I own the thing& I could barely do it ;) Let me know what you think. Was my #1 shot the same you would've picked? I tried to get a real variety of shots so you wouldn't all be bored by the end of this. Next question- should we make Squirt an international celebrity by offering him his very own calendar shoot?!

If you're participating in the Top 11 of '11, leave me a comment& I'll be sure to check it out! I'm super excited to see what everyone picks as their top photos of their children/ animals. So much fun seeing other great captures! Hope you had a fabulous, photography filled 2011! Onward& upward to 2012 :)
*Also, I accidentally linked this up on the 27th instead of the 28th. Oops. Looks like you're all getting a free preview!

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