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December 26, 2011

Andddd it's over

*After a giant break from Rounder (my fault!), there is finally a new post up! I definitely encourage everyone to go read (sing) it! Such a cute Christmas post from Sarah. Sorry for letting it go for so long without updating, guys. Please forgive me?

Hope it was worth all the hustle& bustle, Christmas has come& gone (in case you didn't notice)! One of my favorite parts about Christmas is comparing what everyone got. So, bloggy friends, what did you guys all get?! Spill! I'll give you a detailed itinerary of my presents ;)

This photo shows off two of my presents. The first one is my zoom lens! Thanks, Mom& Dad. I definitely didn't expect to get a lens for Christmas. My mom& I even had this discussion about the price of them& how she had no idea what she was buying so it made it impossible to try to purchase one for me. I mean, I guess she did alright ;) Next thing I got that this photo shows? My new flash! Can I just say my boyfriend is hilarious? He spent Christmas at my house so on the 24th, he showed up with a GIANT wrapped box. Turns out, it was 7 wrapped boxes inside one another. Inside the very last box, my new speedlite :D It is a beautiful thing. I was convinced he didn't get me it so I was totally surprised by both my awesome new camera things! The photo above, of my cousin, was taken at 8PM. I bounced the flash off the ceiling. I'm such a pro ;)

Aside from that, I also got from beautiful things from Tiffanys. Again, shocked because my parents picked them up from Las Vegas in October. I just figured that they didn't bother to get me anything from my favorite store. I was wrong! I got a necklace& bracelet. I am one lucky girl!

Hope everyone else had a great Christmas& is currently enjoying their Boxing Day! Enjoy& try to do as little as possible. That's my motto for the holiday season very well. Before I leave, check out the very first photo I ever took with my zoom& flash. I'm going to have to say I'm a natural at this whole flash lighting thing ;) I've seem some other people attempt flash& have really awful results for their first few days with it. Or maybe they just didn't know you were supposed to bounce the flash off something? I accidentally shot it into my eyes from a very close distance ..ouch.

That is my brother. He really does exist ..although this is probably the very first time that you guys are ever seeing a photo of him. He hates the camera& he lives 8hrs away. I never visit. He comes home for holidays. It was about 7:30AM& he wasn't awake enough to run away from me. Anyway, enjoy the remaining days of joy! Hope you're all working on a resolution to give up on my January 16th like I do ;)

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